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Act One
If you want to know who we are
Act Two
Braid the raven hair
The Mikado
Music and Song Sheets
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A Wandering Minstrel
Our Great Mikado
Young Man, Despair
Behold the Lord High Executioner
I've Got a Little List
Come a Train of Little Ladies
Three Little Maids From School
So Please You Sir
Were You Not To Koko Plighted
I Am So Proud
Act One Finale
Download and use these files however you wish. Please also take a look at my version of the script here.
The Sun, Whose Rays
Brightly Dawns our Wedding Day
Here's a How D'ye Do
The Entrance of the Mikado
A More Humane Mikado
The Criminal Cried
See How the Fates
The Flowers That Bloom
Alone and Yet Alive
Tit Willow
Beauty in the Bellow of the Beast
Act Two Finale

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